Business Christmas gift

    What business gift to offer your employees at Christmas

    Business Christmas giftThe Christmas hamper is a gift that most employees in a business await. While they appreciate the gesture, staff also consider it a tradition management cannot break with. There are various types of hampers that range from the most inexpensive to the most luxurious. Your customised M&M’S will be right at home in any of these gift boxes.

    What to put in your Christmas basket

    A tasty Christmas hamper mostly contains food products that you would find at a family dinner. Some nice poultry, a tin of foie gras, a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates are all classic items.
    The quality of these ingredients depends on the budget. But there are a few tips for creating a better effect while making savings. This is true for chocolate.

    Customised M&M’S in your corporate hamper

    Visit the MyM&M’S website and decide on the features of your chocolates yourself. Choose the colours from some 15 options then tell us what you want printed on the faces of your customised chocolates. You can upload a logo, a photo or choose one of the emoticons in the MyM&M’S library.
    We can offer you dozens of different packaging options, particularly the "special holiday season" bags which will really stand out in the hamper you are putting together. You could also scatter a few at the foot of your company's Christmas tree.