Customised goodies to nibble

    M&M’S, a must on your client gift list

    It's usually at the end of the year that businesses order and give out the majority of their promotional products. These customised business goodies serve to thank the client for their loyalty and wish them a Happy New Year or to canvass new consumers. M&M’S are now on that list of gifts to offer clients.

    The advantages of customised advertising goodies

    For an advertising product to be worth its while to a company it must combine five qualities. It must be:

    • Identifiable, reminding the recipient of the identity of the business offering it;
    • Appreciated by the person receiving it:
    • Functional in the broadest sense, i.e. it must meet needs and desires;
    • Economical and able to please as many clients as possible at a minimum cost;
    • Available by being produced and delivered to the customer quickly.

    Simply order M&M’S

    Customised goodies to nibbleCustomised M&M’S offer all these advantages and many more. Their chocolate flavour and their crunchy consistency are greatly enjoyed by millions of people around the world.
    The My M&M’S programme enables anyone to design their own by adding a customised image such as the company's logo, its slogan or even a photo of the business.
    The website has been designed to ensure each step follows on simply and easily. There is a variety of choices. These cover the colour of your M&M’S, what you want printed on them, the type of packaging or gift box and the quantity you want made.

    These original, customised goodies are offered at very attractive prices.