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Easter Basket Ideas You (Probably) Didn’t Think Of

Easter Basket Personalised M&M'S

Even if you’re an Easter basket “eggs-pert,” you probably want to spring some creative Easter basket ideas on your family, friends, and party guests. So we went on the hunt for some unique and surprisingly fun Easter gifts.

Give the traditional Easter basket the day off.

Who said an Easter basket has to be a basket? A trip to your local craft or garden store (or even your own garage) will inspire you: terracotta garden pots, a brass watering can, wooden fruit crates, an old hat box, or a pair of children’s rain boots. Turn them into eye-catching “baskets” by spraying them with pastel or metallic colors.

Make your own enchanting bunny trail.

Transform your backyard into an adorable bunny trail with handmade signs that give kids clues to where the yummy treasures are hidden. Or you can create an Easter playhouse by placing crepe streamers over a tent frame and adding satin ribbons and paper flowers.

Create a “My Favorite Things” Easter basket.

It may not be whiskers on kittens or warm woolen mittens, but making a “My Favorite Things” Easter basket is perfect idea for kids, teens, and adults. Fill each basket with the items you’ll know they’ll love – like small toys or lottery tickets for adults.

Personalized M&M’S® make Easter more colorful (and fun).

Maybe you can put all your eggs in one basket. Personalized M&M’S candies are the perfect addition to any Easter basket. Move over chocolate bunny. We make it easy to mix your own blend of Easter-inspired M&M’S. Choose traditional pastel colors like pink or aqua or add some panache with silver and gold. Add personal messages and/or your favorite photos.

Remember those fun photos from last year’s hunt? You can customize M&M’S with those too! Buy in bulk and you place them into plastic eggs, pastel bags, or hidden inside one of their favorite toys. The Easter fun doesn’t end when you start with personalized M&M’S.

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