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Create Birthday Magic with Candy Bar Fun

birthday candy bar

Family. Friends. Food. Now that’s a recipe for a fantastic birthday party. But what if you added one more indispensable ingredient? Fun! Your parents told you not to play with your food, but we think a birthday party is the perfect time to start.

You don’t have to be young to enjoy a chance to mix and match your favorite candies and create your own delicious dessert. Here are some tips and birthday party ideas to help make your birthday candy bar the hit of the party.

Variety makes the birthday candy bar even sweeter.

The coolest birthday buffets have candy in a variety of exciting colours, shapes, sizes, and textures. Definitely start with the birthday girl’s or boy’s faves. Some popular choices include lollipops, gummy candy, gum balls, salt water taffy, malt balls, and hard fruit candy.

Create a theme your birthday hero will love.

Princesses? Pirates? Dinosaurs? An engaging theme can really enhance the appeal of the birthday candy bar. It also provides enchanting ways to create a fun experience. For example, a cowboy theme could include a covered wagon filled with goodies. You can create a castle centrepiece with a drawbridge lined with lollypops.

Containers can be as imaginative as the candy.

You can always use plastic bowls or colourful dishes to display the candy, but let your imagination make it special. Like using a child’s sand bucket or toy trucks to “deliver” the candy.

For older kids or the kid in us all, you could display candy in unique jars, vases, or wine glasses. Be sure to have tongs or spoons on hand to make collecting the candy easier.

Make B-days more memorable with personalised M&M’S®.

M&M’S® and birthdays are a perfect match. Pump up the birthday fun with personalised candy. Choose from 15 colours (like classic white and fuchsia) and personalise them with photos of the birthday boy or girl, add the names of party goers, or use classic birthday images.

Here’s another cool idea. Our Candy Push Dispenser with M&M'S® Candies. Our candy dispenser with personalised M&M’S® candies is the answer. Your boy or girl will love our Red Candy Push Dispenser. Personalise the candy with up to three colours and three designs.

Remember, buy M&M’S candies in bulk so you’ll always have plenty on hand; they make great goodie bags to go or an after-party treat for you.

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