Valentine's Day Party Favours

The most romantic day of the year isn't just for couples. Valentine's Day is also the perfect opportunity to show friends and family how much they mean to you. Just have a Valentine's Day party with your friends or amaze your kids (and their classmates) with cute Valentine's Day gifts.

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts from the Heart

A gift that comes from the heart doesn't have to break the budget. We've collected some cute DIY Valentine's Day ideas for you:

- Get inexpensive boxes with transparent, heart-shaped windows and present your creative cupcakes.
- Bake a selection of small treats and place them on a mini etagere.
- Buy a red and white bath ball and hang it on a ribbon with heart motifs.
- Simply buy some old picture frames at the jumble sale and create individual keepsakes with photos, collages or a personal message.
- How about small terracotta pots and flowers to symbolise how your friendship has grown over time?

Present your Valentine's guests with a very personal gift. Three simple words will transform a gift into a beautiful memory.

Want a sweet Valentine's Day gift?

Make your Valentine's Day party favours even sweeter with personalised M&M'S®. Because chocolate and Valentine's Day just go together so well.

And personalised M&M'S will make anyone melt. Simply personalise with colours, personal messages, classic Valentine's Day images and photos.

DIY is the trend! Discover your creative side and integrate personalised M&M'S into Valentine's Day cards or fill them into cute little net bags and close them with a red ribbon. It will be especially elegant if you keep everything in gold and silver.

Would you like more great ideas for Valentine's Day? Then just visit our gallery and discover more sweet Valentine's Day gifts.