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Unique Ways to Personalise A Baby Shower

Oh baby! You’ve got a dilemma. You’re looking for adorable decorations and ideas for an upcoming baby shower but nothing feels truly memorable. It’s a sea of pink and blue and nothing new.

You want a one-of-a-kind shower favours that will have other mums asking, 'where did you find that?' It’s time think outside the bassinet. Here are some inspired ideas for your next mum-to-be celebration.

A DIY 'Mum-mosa' bar.

Here’s a refreshingly unique favour – a do-it-yourself 'mum-mosa' bar. Just bring chilled orange juice, bubbly or flavored soda water. You can personalise the champagne flutes with the guests’ names. You can even bring out the calligrapher in you and write monograms on each flute with a permanent marker.

Forget the baby shower. Throw a baby sprinkle.

What’s a baby sprinkle? A sprinkle is a smaller version of a shower for a mum who’s expecting her second or third baby. The sprinkle theme can add a touch of magic to the party. Guests can add colourful sprinkles to cupcakes or ice cream. Create 'sprinkle' balloons by putting confetti into clear plastic balloons. For fun favours, anything with polka dots will do the trick.

Personalised M&M’S® & Mum – make a sweet team.

Showering the mum-to-be and her guests with personalised M&M’S candy is a sweet way to show how much you care. You can personalise from our 20 special colours. Go traditional with pink or blue. Or go stylish with gold or silver. Choose from any of our 20 special colours. You can add baby-themed click-art or mum’s favourite photos.

Boy or Girl? Celebrate the arrival-to-be with either 'It’s a Boy' or 'It’s a Girl' baby shower favours, personalise your own! If mum is keeping it a secret, get both and mix them up. You can personalise them with messages, baby-themed clip art, or fun photos of mum and dad.

Create unique baby shower favours by putting them plastic bags tied with pink or blue ribbons. Pass them out as guests arrive, use them as prizes for the winners of your baby shower games, or place them into gift bags as a memento of this special occasion.

Let the cooing begin! For more one-of-a-kind baby shower ideas, check out our baby shower ideas.