They say the way to the heart is through the stomach. We think there's a better way and have the perfect Valentine's Day gift suggestion for him. Awaken his inner sweet tooth and surprise him this Valentine's Day with a gift as unique as your love: personalised M&M'S.

Give the man in your life a personalised treat for Valentine's Day. By the way, husbands and fiancés are just as happy as fathers or sons about personalised M&M'S with a little greeting message and great photos.

Of course, red is the Valentine's colour par excellence, but you can also create a cheerful mix of up to three colours from all 20 variations. Add matching images like hearts and flowers and you’ve got the perfect Valentine's Day surprise for him.

Cupid's arrows are guaranteed to hit with personalised M&M'S

And speaking of... leave the arrows in the quiver. With personalised M&M'S, you're just as likely to show that your gift comes from the heart. And even if your dream man is notoriously difficult to give a gift to, he's sure to be delighted with this little gesture. Delicious chocolate really does put a smile on anyone's face.

Are you looking for a gift that perfectly suits your partner? The Love Box is a truly charming gift for him on Valentine's Day. Celebrate the past, present and future of your love with personalised M&M'S. The beautifully designed Love Box is filled with 400g of personalised M&M'S.

Trinity Heart Box

DIY Valentine's Day ideas for him

DIY doesn't mean you have to do everything yourself. Choose the colours, text and image and the personalised M&M'S will do the rest. Feel free to show how well you know him in the process. Fill an on-the-go coffee mug or a classy wine glass with personalised M&M'S to show how much you love him.

Turn Valentine's Day into Valentine's Month.

Why play all your trump cards on one day when you can gift M&M'S all month long? Just order M&M'S in the budget-friendly bulk pack and personalise them with personal messages and photos. You could even create a colour theme for each week.

Chocolate and Valentine's Day just go together perfectly. Check out our gallery for more Valentine's Day ideas. Whether Valentine's Day gifts for him, your girlfriends and boyfriends or family - there's something for everyone!