Corporate New Year message:

    Sending out a corporate New Year message

    Corporate New Year messageBy printing its message on the faces of M&M’S chocolates, a business conveys end-of-year greetings in a professional and original way. There are numerous ways you can choose to do this.

    MyM&M’S is the website devoted to creating customised M&M’S.

    Individuals and businesses log on regularly to order exclusively designed chocolates. This concept means they can create original and tasty end-of-year gifts.
    For the manager of a company, whether big or small, this is an innovative, modern, inexpensive and practical advertising option. At the end of the year, when company sales staff customarily give gifts to their clients, usually calendars or pens, it is a good idea to think of giving a little bag of M&M’S with the company's logo or name printed on them.

    An appropriate company choice for in-house

    This also makes a good option for an in-house gift such as when the company boss is putting together end-of-year hampers for members of staff. The MyM&M’S website allows you to pick sweets in a single colour or several colours so as to replicate the brand's dominant colours. Then you choose the type of message you want printed on the chocolates such as the words "Happy New Year" or "Good Health", the company emblem or a photo that represents what the company does.

    Celebrating the New Year in your company.

    Many businesses hand out these little bags at the end of the year in a hamper containing other products such as a bottle of wine, a tin of foie gras and Christmas preserves.