M&M’S, a customisable advertising gift

    Building friendly professional relationships

    A B2B business relationship is built year on year. It involves the seller offering quality products or services to their client. Among the many values that contribute to building a lasting, trusting and profitable relationship, we find consistency and availability. These characteristics need to be expressed through warm human relations where touches of thoughtfulness are expressed freely and simply.

    Decision-making autonomy

    Offering customised M&M’S is giving an original business gift that fits in with this idea. The marketing or client relations manager can order this advertising gift themselves. And they can do so at any time. The MyM&M’S solution allows them to change the various parameters depending on their requirements and in a way that stays within the budget allocated for advertising gifts.

    The simplicity of an advertising gift

    The online MyM&M’S website is an ergonomic platform which guides the user every step of the way. With a simple click of the mouse or by using the click-and-drag feature, they can:

    • choose the colour of their M&M’S,
    • upload the image they want to print on the chocolate drops
    • decide on the number of M&M’S to prepare
    • choose the gift packaging
    • provide a delivery address
    • pay for the purchase and request an invoice for their customised company gift.

    M&M’S, a customisable advertising giftTo help you choose, MyM&M’S will let you know which formulas are proving the most popular with its clients. Once you have completed your selection, allow from two days to three weeks for delivery. Delivery times vary depending on the product.