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Filled with 400g of M&M'S, the Smile gift box with Yellow's picture on the front is THE dream gift for all those with a sweet tooth. Convey your message to your nearest and dearest with coloured, personalised chocolates for a real surprise!

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units €43.00
The Smile gift box is the ideal gift for treating your loved ones on any occasion! This original gift box shows Yellow, one of M&M’S mascots, holding an original and colourful gift. The 400g of personalised M&M’S can be glimpsed through the packaging, which will make all chocolate lovers want to try them!

Nutrional information and list of ingredients

Format :

26.2 x 18.5 x 2.3 cm

Content :

400 g, i.e. approx. 400 sweets

Minimum quantity :