Staff holiday season meal:

    A lavish, holiday season meal for your business

    Staff holiday season mealDuring the Christmas season, many businesses gather their staff together for a convivial and festive end-of-year meal. In order to mark staff cohesion, it's customary to offer employees an end-of-year gift. There are plenty of original options, in particular a bag of customised M&M’S.

    Staff gathered together for a festive feast

    This staff end-of-year meal takes place in a restaurant near the place of work. For logistical reasons, it is rare to organise this event far away. The meal could be a lunch or a dinner. Some firms invite employees' partners while others restrict it to members of staff only. These details are of little importance, as long as the ambience between work colleagues is warm.
    Some restaurants specialise in these types of events and offer entertainment. From this point of view, cabarets are wise choices because such premises are ideally suited to end-of-year staff meals.

    A gift to wrap up a year of work

    During this meal, it's customary to offer employees an end-of-year gift. A food hamper or gift box is ideal. It contains various products, some of which are customisable. Bags of M&M’S are often included in the selection because they can be customised by printing an exclusive logo on them. The cost is minimal and delivery is very quick.