Sweets in your corporate colours for your clients

    Business sweets

    Sweets in your corporate colours for your clientsSome market sectors create very strong bonds with their clients. This is particularly the case for service companies, sales departments and consultants. As a sign of a welcome or to polish a brand image, companies and branches often put out sweets for their clients. M&M’S are the best known brand in this little game, especially since the sweets can be customised with the company name.

    Sweets for children and teens

    In a doctor's waiting room, at a clothes shop's till or in the reception area of a training centre, it is quite possible to offer office or company promotional sweets. Customised M&M’S are perfect for young customers. You can put them in little boxes or clear cases.

    Sweets for adults

    In order to soothe adults in specific point-of-sale areas such as customer services, at the after-sales service desk or in a purchase collection area, you can provide comfortable chairs and install drinks distributors. You can also offer advertising sweets in attractive packaging.

    M&M’S are publicity chocolates on which are printed the company logo or another corporate feature such as a slogan. On the My&M’s website you will find some 15 different colours, enabling any business to create promotional tools that match its brand image.