The baby has arrived!


  • Pink and blue personalised M&M’S in a glass jar next to a stuffed teddy bear with a pink ribbon
    Give expecting mothers more than they expected
    You want to play games at the shower, but you don’t want to mess around with something as important as new parent gifts. ...Read More
  • Pink and blue personalised M&M’S in glass jars with flip-top lids next to paper pinwheels
    Baby shower candy = baby shower fun
    Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love chocolate? If you want to bring baby shower treats that are a real crowd pleaser, ...Read More
  • Blue and white personalised M&M’S in a flip-top glass jar and a tag with a child’s name and birthdate
    Commemorate the date
    It’s the biggest day of anyone’s life. The moment they see their child’s eyes for the first time. ...Read More
  • Pink and baby blue personalised M&M’S
    Little bundles of joy
    If you’ve been to a baby shower before, you know you can expect a few things: good food, crazy games, and cute gifts ...Read More
  • A new baby gift of blue baby and pink personalised M&M’S in a box with die cut windows in the shape of baby feet
    Stand out from the crowd!
    The family grows for you or your friends. When you find those new parent gifts that are equal parts keepsake and immediate snack, ...Read More
  • Blue baby and pink personalised M&M’S for baby shower party
    Adorable. Customisable. Delectable.
    If you think people love finding the rare M&M’S colours, wait until you see how much they enjoy discovering a ...Read More

Whether it’s a boy or a girl, it’s a thoughtful new baby gift

There’s no question that babies are the greatest gift of all. But don’t worry, you can still aim for finding the greatest new parent gifts and win that baby shower even before the games have started. Even better, you don’t have to wander through the shopping centre or bounce around town to gift shops to find something special.

It all starts right here. Pick a combination of M&M’S colours, then add up to 9 characters on each of two lines, or upload an image. We’ve got a library of images but you could even upload your own for a fully custom look. Whether you’re offering baby shower treats or creating a new baby gift, you can also find the perfect delivery method. From cutesy to classy, serving dishes to keepsake boxes, we’ve got all your baby shower ideas in one delicious place.