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Sweet! Create a Dazzling Wedding Candy Bar

Wedding Candy Bar

Love is sweet.

So why not create an eye-catching wedding candy bar that will make the event even sweeter? It’s a perfect choice for all ages and can add a touch of fun to your reception. And you can match colors to complement or accent your wedding theme. (Yes, you can even find colors to match your bridesmaid’s dresses.)

Here are a few expert tips and wedding ideas to help you turn candy into a memorable experience.

Use all your senses when choosing your candy

Taste is what makes candy so irresistible. But don’t forget your other senses when choosing just the right candy. Interesting colors and shapes can really enhance the look of your candy bar. Select colors that match your wedding theme. You also want candies that are durable – ones that don’t melt or crumble easily.

Think of your candy bar as a store display

Ever gaze into a store window and discovered how appealing the items look when they’re paired with an interesting theme? Your candy bar will really pop when you use a unique table cloth or cover. And candy displayed on different levels makes the entire bar look more inviting.

Showcase candy in unique containers

Elegant? Rustic? Somewhere in between? Whatever your wedding style, you can create a similar look with different containers. Crystal bowls. Glass pitchers. Mason-style and jelly jars. Cocktail glasses. Even decorative sea shells. Be sure to use mini-scoops or tongs that can fit in the container openings.

Turn flavors into favors

Personalize colorful bags or themed boxes for your guests to put the candy into. The candy can double as fun wedding favors.

Get more for less

Bulk candy is great for your budget. Most wedding planners recommend that you have at least 6-8 oz. per guest. Buy extra if you’re thinking of using the candy for favor bags. You can also add less expensive favorites to your candy bar including dipped marshmallows and rice crispy treats.

Make wedding magic with personalized M&M’S

M&M’S chocolate candies may be the most versatile (and delicious) way to create a dazzling candy bar. Whether your wedding is traditional or uniquely themed, choose from 20 special colors — from pearl and gold to bolder hues like dark pink and electric green.

Turn memorable into unforgettable with personalized M&M’S. Make it personal with a photo of you and your significant other, select traditional wedding images, or create text with words that show appreciation to your guests. Buy bulk candy M&M’S and you’ll save money and have plenty of favors in hand.

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