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Father's Day Ideas & Inspiration

  • Personalized M&M’S inside of and surrounding a small silver trophy
    Give the world’s greatest dad the world’s greatest candy
    From teaching you how to ride a bike to begging you to be careful with the car, dads are there for us every step of the way. At least one day a year, it’s time to make it all about him. Sure, you could put your smartphone down for the entire day and watch golf with him, but wouldn’t it be much easier to get him a personalized Father’s Day gift from M&M’S with your own special message? Yes. Yes, it would. ...Read More
  • Personalized Father’s Day gift M&M’S on a table and in a clear bag with football in the background
    All the fixin’s for the guy who fixes everything
    He’s a great guy, and an even better dad. Little league coach and big league barbecuer. Doesn’t he deserve the best? That means you don’t pick up something at the store on the way home this year. You order a personalized Father’s Day gift that shows him how much you care. In just seconds, you can select the colors you want, add text or images, and pick the perfect package. ...Read More
  • Personalized M&M’S in clear glass containers next to a teddy bear
    The first Father’s Day is the best Father’s Day
    New dads have never been the focus of a Father’s Day celebration before. They’ve never spent an entire day golfing, grilling, or gaming. Well, at least not as a dad. Give them a personalized Father’s Day gift that is fit for a first — a package of their M&M’S with a special message made just for them. ...Read More
  • Personalized Father’s Day gift M&M’S on a white background
    Yo Daddio!
    Daddy doesn’t need a new pair of shoes, he needs a break. A chance to sit down, take the day off from yard work, kick his feet up and relax. The only thing that could make a day like that better is if he also has his favorite candies within reach. The little M&M’S that come with a sweet little message from you, of course. ...Read More
  • Personalized Father’s Day gift M&M’S
    Dad jokes aren’t always great, but dad gift should be
    Let’s be honest, there’s no way you can totally upgrade your dad’s wardrobe with a single Father’s Day gift. Why even fight that uphill battle when you can upgrade his candy dish instead? You can pick his favorite colors, then add up to 18 characters of text or an image for a truly awesome combination. The conversation about his socks and sandals can wait for a different day. ...Read More
  • Personalized Father’s Day gift M&M’S in a box titled Super Dad and a glass jar titled Dad’s M&M’S
    Not all heroes wear capes, but they all love M&M’S
    Daddy or The Dude. Pops or Big Poppa. Your old man or the big chief. Whatever you call him, you’ve always known you can count on him. Make sure he can count on you for a thoughtful Father’s Day gift. C’mon, it’s just picking a few colors, adding a micro-Tweet worth of text or an image, and choosing a gift box. Doesn’t the Big Cheese deserve it? ...Read More

Have a catch with dad, then toss him the Father’s Day gift he wants more than anything

It’s the highlight of the summer for so many men. The one day that they don’t have to mow the lawn, weed the garden, travel to kid’s games, or finish up the last of the honey-do list. Father’s Day is the reason for neighborhood barbecues and backyard hammocks. It brings friends together and makes families closer, and it’s your opportunity to come up with that perfect Father’s Day gift idea that puts the exclamation point on an already great day. 

So here’s how you win Father’s Day, in three easy steps. Pick your M&M’S colors, and there’s a lot more than the standard six. Add up to 18 characters of text or upload an image. Then add the swag factor with a branded gift box. What a sweet deal.