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Inspired Ideas for Personalized Birthday Gifts

Personalized Birthday Gifts

It happens to all of us. You suddenly realize a loved one has a birthday coming up. You scour the internet looking for the next best gift. Or you walk the mall hoping to find a bit of inspiration in the store window.

But there’s a surprisingly simple secret to making that special someone feel even more special on their B-day.

Personalized birthday gifts.

Think about what makes your spouse, son or daughter, siblings. parents, or your BFF unique. Maybe it’s a special nickname, a hobby, a favorite band or sports team-- even funny selfies he or she has shared. Ordinary gifts fade, but one from the heart lasts.

Personalized gifts for her.

No matter what her age (not that she’ll tell you), show how much you appreciate her with a gift that’s heart warmingly personal. Start by making a list of some of her favorite things – a color she loves, that special photo of the two of you, or perhaps “sweet nothings” you’ve whispered in her ear.

Inspiration Tip: You can personalize M&M’S with fun photos, her favorite sayings, birthday images, and fun colors. Personalized gifts for her are as limitless as your imagination.

Personalized gifts for him.

Maybe the man in your life is the practical type, but that doesn’t mean a personal touch won’t make him feel extra special. Think about what really matters to him – a favorite sports team, a hobby, funny (or romantic) photo, a car, or memories you’ve shared.

Inspiration Tip: Why not mix it up with personalized birthday candy? We make it easy to create personalized M&M’S with all kinds of clip-art and sayings. Personalized gifts for him will help make his big day even more special.

Personalized gifts for little ones.

Whether your little one isn’t quite one or is almost a tweener, there are lots of fun ways to make the birthday even sweeter. From superheroes to dinosaurs (and princesses, of course), you can create theme parties with personalized birthday gifts, party favors, and take-home party gifts.

Inspiration Tip: Personalized birthday candy is always a hit. Customized the names or photos of on delicious M&M’S. Plus, you can create mini-take home gifts with each friend’s name on their M&M’S. Of course, the real gift is the delicious chocolate inside.

The fun doesn’t end when you start with personalized M&M’S. Looking for more birthday inspiration? Check out some of our birthday ideas!