Graduation Gifts 101

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  • Personalized M&M’S on a clear background
    The future’s looking pretty sweet
    Milestones like graduations are how we mark the passage of time. Make sure you leave a mark on your big event by ordering graduation party favors that have that cool factor you’re looking for. Sure, you could just go with cake and ice cream, but think about how much more you can say when you personalize M&M’s with up to 18 characters or even upload your own image. ...Read More
  • Personalized graduation gift M&M’S in round silver tins with clear tops next to a graduation cap
    Teachers may love apples, but grads love M&M’S
    Who knows where life will take them after graduation. No matter where they’re headed, make sure they pack chocolate. Add text, clip-art and images to a custom mix of M&M’S colors to create a personalized graduation gift they won’t forget. ...Read More
  • Personalized M&M’S in a clear plastic container with a graduation cap on top
    Hats off to the graduates!
    Walking down the aisle to receive a diploma is a huge step, and the end of a long educational journey. Fortunately, you can honor that achievement in a single step that couldn’t be easier. Pick the colors of M&M’S you want, add clip-art or text, plus a personal photo, then select a unique gift box. It’s quick, easy, and the smartest way to congratulate your smart graduate. ...Read More
  • Personalized graduation gift M&M’S on a clear background
    Thoughtful gifts hit all the right notes
    Whatever their major or area of interest was at school, you can celebrate a student’s achievements with a personalized graduation gift that reflects their talents and accomplishments. From music to athletics to hobbies, you can use a combination of clip-art and text, plus add a personal photo, to create graduation party favors that feel as personal as ever. ...Read More
  • Personalized graduation gift M&M’S on a clear background
    Custom M&M'S are always easy A's
    Baking a custom dessert for that special graduate in your life is nice, but it takes quite a while during a very busy time. Why not opt for a totally personalized batch of M&M’S instead? Add an image of the school mascots and write a personal message that best expresses your thoughts to the degree-earner you’re celebrating. ...Read More
  • Personalized graduation gift M&M’S on a clear background
    Commence snacking
    The diplomas have been handed out. The caps have been thrown in the air. Now it’s time to party. It’s also time to feed all your guests, and a celebration this important requires something special. It doesn’t get any more special or personal than M&M’S graduation party favors that are literally one-of-a-kind, printed with your unique image or messages of congratulations and encouragement. ...Read More

The future is so close you can taste it

Graduations are an occasion to mark the end of one chapter in life, and the beginning of an exciting new chapter. It’s a special day that’s all about them, so you want to make it as special as possible with a party they’ll never forget. Backyard tents full of family and friends, a kitchen full of food, and bellies full of everyone’s favorite milk chocolate candy.

M&M'S have always been an important part of family events, but personalized M&M'S take it up a notch. Pick from a wide assortment of candy colors to match their party décor or school colors. Then add an image of a school mascot, logo, or anything else you can upload. Add up to 18 characters of text that commemorates their accomplishment, and you’ve got the graduation party favors or gifts that no one else will.